EU Projects: Innovative Training for Transport Trainers

The INMETT (Innovative Training Methodologies for Transport Trainers) project is a European Transfer of Innovation project approved under the Leonardo Da Vinci call 2009, under the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission.

The project has the participation of seven organizations from six different EU countries. The Federation of Transport, Communications and Sea workers´ General Union of Castile -Leon (TCM UGT Cy L) is the project promoter, coordinated by INVESLAN. INMETT is based on the training contents developed by "ELF -eLearning Facilitators: analysis of their different roles within different e-learning methodologies and approaches" LdV Pilot project approved in 2005 (n. I/05/B/F/PP-154178).

The training contents include the following:
(1) Guidelines: theoretical basis to plan and create training courses according to the specific needs of e-tutors.
(2) Dossier of e-tutors necessary skills.
(3) Glossary: a document which compiles essential key words defining the role of e-tutors in all project languages.

The project will carry out the transference of these training contents, updating them to the specific training needs of the new target group i.e. transport trainers, developing a more innovative learning environment (Virtual Learning Community) and increasing the geographical coverage.

INMETT aims at creating a Virtual Learning Community that will provide training on e-learning for transport trainers in order to update and increase their knowledge and competences on innovative training methodologies.

Start Date - October 2009 - Duration 2 years

Dissemination Event - 23 September 2011, Valladolid, Spain

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