Learning Disability - eLearning CD-Roms

As a young person with a learning disability (including autism) develops they need new challenges. The Foundation has develop interactive elearning courseware to support their developmental needs as they progress.........

Raising Horizons CD-Roms equips young people with the personal skills they need to develop through their lives. The courseware has portability, usability, adaptability and is person-centered.

The elearning courseware has been designed to be used in conjunction with a Coach e.g. teacher, parent or carer. The Coach should work closely with the student and discuss each lesson with them.

Financial support from the European Union has been awarded for a number of the training programmes that are offered and they have all been designed following extensive research to determine what people really require to support their life development and with experts in the field.

We are continually working with organisations throughout the world to develop new and innovative training programmes for people with a learning disability.

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