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The grant enabled European endometriosis charities, many of whom have very little or no funds to develop their own work as well as create a more powerful European group

There were three general objectives that the EU has agreed to support:

(1) Develop a new European Endometriosis Support Alliance (EESA) which will coordinate and provide comprehensive support and training to the 4 sectors associated with the condition i.e. individuals, researchers/academics, doctors/nurses and employers. The Alliance will be formally launched at a conference towards the end of the project where key players in the field of endometriosis will be invited to learn about the work of the project.

(2) Create an Internet based Endometriosis Community Gateway (ECG) that will provide the focal point for all individuals and organizations requiring information and support and in particular the general public, the research community, health professionals and employers. The aim would be to provide appropriate information and signposting to enable each target group to find the information they require.

(3) To complete a comprehensive pan-European study of women with endometriosis in order to develop an understanding of the quality of life and socio-impacts of endometriosis on women the EU, employers and member states. The results aim to understand the needs of women in regards to their care, support and treatment in order to reduce isolation, increasing understanding of endometriosis in the medical profession and the corporate sector, hopefully helping to reduce diagnosis times and improve best practice and reducing the impact all round.

TFEI was the Coordinating Partner for the Project.

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