Many organisations are apprehensive about seeking funding because of the paperwork and compliance concerns that the EU requires.

Once you have successfully navigated your way through the EU application process and have started work on your project the next most important step you have to take is making sure you have all the information available for the various reports required from the Commission during the life of the project.

The Foundation can assist you to successfully administer your project(s) by arranging for the preparation and the completion of all the relevant paperwork like Technical and Financial reports that are required during the life cycle of the project.

The Foundation can also assist you with the preparation of an appropriate project file making sure that all the required supporting documentation is in place in the case the European Commission will require audit of the project. In many cases these will include project activity reports, invoices, payslips, timesheets and a host of other project related documents.

With staff that have a combined 50 years experience of dealing with EU programmes throughout the world The Foundation is well placed to guide you.