EU Projects: ECO Training Project

This ECO Training project intends to ensure the integration of disadvantaged people in the labour market. This consists of developing an evaluation methodology and a vocational training system for disabled people, as well as the testing, to be integrated as sub-systems in the framework of national vocational training systems.

The activities of the project were:

(1) market research in order to select the demanded professions that offer good employing chances for the persons with handicap, with identifying of the selection criterions for each profession;

(2) elaboration of a methodology for the continual evaluation of people with handicap, with reduced work capacity during the school (through personal sheets and questionnaires) regarding their skills and capacities;

(3) elaboration of specific vocational training systems for disabled people (one in each of the following countries: Romania, Czech Republic, UK, Spain), in collaboration with representatives of interested SMEs and governmental institutions;

(4) an evaluation of people with disabilities, applying the created evaluation methodology; the evaluation will be simultaneously realized in Romania, Czech Republic, UK, Spain, with selection of a group of 15 persons from each country;

(5) testing the specific vocational training systems (15 persons with disabilities with reduced work capacity from Romania, Czech Republic, UK, Spain);

(6) elaboration of a complex vocational training system by synthesis of the systems from the partner countries;

(7) evaluation and validation of the created vocational training system and its integration as sub-system in the frame of the national vocational training systems; and

(8) spreading and dissemination of the results.

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